Vacature Creative Time (Cutting, Gluing, Colouring, Tearing)

Creative Time (Cutting, Gluing, Colouring, Tearing) in Tholen

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At pre-school care your child learns to play, share and be around other children. The set routine means that the children know exactly what to expect each day. A typical day consists of the following:

  • Arrival (saying goodbye, free play)
  • Circle time (singing, chatting, reading, puppet show)
  • Play time (indoors or outdoors)
  • Creative time (cutting, gluing, colouring, tearing)
  • Circle time (singing, chatting, reading, puppet show)
  • Pick-up time

We offer pre-school and early years education for primary school at several daycare and pre-school locations in West-Brabant and Tholen. A summary of what that entails is given below.

Pre-school and early years education (VVE) are aimed at children between 2 and 6 years. VVE ensures that children are well-prepared to enter group 3. The child health centre determines whether your child needs to attend VVE. If this is the case, your pre-schooler receives early years education from us to assist them with language skills, ic maths, motor functions and socio-emotional development.

If your child has been given a VVE recommendation, then they are entitled to attend 16 hours of pre-school care instead of 6 hours. A special rate applies and the municipality reimburses part of the costs. Zo Kinderopvang works with three different VVE programmes: Pyramid, Doe meer met and Ben ik in Beeld .

Working closely with parents is very important to us. We are always keen to learn about your experience of your child and whether that is in line with what we see. During play, we take note of their interaction with other children and their play development. Naturally we also monitor speech development and motor functions. The strengths and any weaker aspects of your pre-schooler's development are always discussed with you.

Our pre-school locations are open for 40 weeks each year and are closed during the school holidays. The pre-school holidays are aligned with those of the primary schools. The opening times vary for each location and can be found on the page for that specific location.

Functie:creative time colouring tearing
Salaris:onbekend – onbekend
Uren per week:1 – 40

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